Global Thermal plant management

COMENCO Services aux immeubles inc. is specialized in industrial, commercial and institutional thermal plants.

We offer complete activities in this area, from exhaustive needs analysis, including preventive maintenance planning and the sale of different components related to thermal plants.

The raison d’être of COMENCO Services aux immeubles inc. is to provide the experience and skills needed to maximize the output of thermal installations, at a cost that is substantially lower than that of existing systems. In order to do this, we employ only the most reliable and responsible experts. Thus, our customers can always count on our total commitment and our great flexibility.

Our many customers appreciate our services because the money we save them allows them to make fewer budget cuts in other important, if not vital, areas.

Periodic Supervision

COMENCO Services aux immeubles inc. also offer periodic supervision of your H.V.A.C. equipments, adapted to your needs.