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Maintaining a building begins by taking inventory and delegating the required maintenance tasks. With the help of Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software, we can provide support in the preventative and corrective maintenance of your buildings. In this way, we can improve your maintenance contracts and clearly define the role of each party, both internally and externally.

Preventative maintenance is carried out at pre-determined intervals or according to prescribed criteria, to reduce the potential for malfunctions and to reduce performance degradation (partial repairs, bringing up to standard and performance maintenance of installations).

Different types of maintenance can be defined for each piece of equipment by specifying the criteria that determine when preventative work orders are issued.

Corrective maintenance includes all the activities carried out after a malfunction or a change in operation, in order to allow an asset to carry out a required function, at least temporarily (through repairs, restoration to a previous state or replacement).