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Real Estate audits
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Life cycle of building components, depreciation and total cost of property

When you use our professional services, you get a dynamic team that will put its skills at your service by performing a complete analysis of your property’s status. We implement an asset-management and maintenance plan using the following criteria:

  • Building history
  • Status and description of the asset
  • List of observed deficiencies
  • Maintenance plan
  • Operational performance
  • Market value
  • Replacement value
  • Management plan

The asset-maintenance services provided by our company include:

  • An analysis of all building components, using the Uniformat method
  • Development of a complete report, including building history and observed deficiencies
  • Prioritization of the deficiencies in a 0-10 year action plan, with annexed photographs and cost estimates
  • This report is an important tool for the Property Master Plan (PMP)